We Are HERdacity

At HERdacity, we believe that a woman’s path should be self-determined. Our platform connects women from all walks of life to empower each other through building bonds and sharing experiences. The stories and successes of our members serve to provide perspective and inspiration to our community, and encourage them to be their most authentic selves. HERdacity is affiliated with The Anywhere Woman Project, a 501(c)4 nonprofit.

Why Campfires?

Campfires are thought to have had a significant role in the development of human society. They served as a community space where early civilizations were able share meals, stories and the experiences of the day. By doing so, it is thought that early communities were able to relay their collective history, develop empathy and also to entertain. Ultimately, campfires were the catalyst for the development of cultural institutions. Our hope is that our campfire discussions will spur this same sense of community among women. By forging bonds and sharing our unique personal experiences, HERdacity aims to create a movement to address women’s issues and foster positive change, creating a better world for our daughters, granddaughters and following generations.

What Can You Do?

Sign up! We encourage every HERdacity member to get involved in the conversations that are important to her. Whether they involve social issues, workplace problems and successes, or just the hobbies and activities you enjoy, share them with other members and support the other women in the community. HERdacity is a platform all women can use to build each other up so we can tear barriers down.

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Roaring Fires

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