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Creating Your Destiny

One woman's journey over 5 years, 2 continents, 1 boyfriend, and many friends

Aerin Coleman — Feb 16, 2018
Aerin Coleman was given an opportunity and took the chance. She always wanted to travel but could never predict the rewarding experiences that came about, nor the hardships she would encounter along the way. This is just one woman's story about courage, love, and fulfillment. New Beginnings  At 21 I interned with a firm that prided itself in its global opportunities. I was offered a fulltime position and spent the next 3 years working days, nights and weekends.
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books for womens travel

Women Traveling Solo

5 books by & for women

HERdacity — Feb 15, 2018
Traveling alone could be one of the most fulfilling and exciting experiences of your life--but, when you tell friends and family that you're embarking on a solo trip, you're often met with mixed responses.
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HER Career Reboot Event Recap

Anna at HERdacity — Feb 13, 2018
The HERdacity team was honored to connect with more than fifty motivated and inspiring women at our February 7th Career Reboot Event.  Our attendees included women from diverse backgrounds, industries and age groups.  One thing they all had in common was a willingness to seek out career support and an interest in making new connections.  We had an incredible day with the group and with talented speakers who volunteered their time to present.  The workshop covered topics ranging from women's career…
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It's All About Who You Know

Q&A with Marny Lifshen

HERdacity — Jan 31, 2018
Senior executive women attribute a key part of their success to making and maintaining connections.
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Leaning Back In: 5 Tips for Women Returning to Work

Mary at HERdacity — Jan 30, 2018
In the US, women are the primary caregivers, often opting to drop out of the workforce to care for children, aging parents, and ailing relatives. According to a study conducted by the Center for Talent Innovation (2010), of the 90% of women who wanted to resume their careers after taking time off to have children, 70% found a way to return to their careers but only 40% found full-time, mainstream work.
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Toughing it Out & Motivating Others

Anne Grady: Entrepreneur & Professional Speaker

HERdacity — Jan 23, 2018
Inspired by hardship, Anne Grady has worked to forge both a rewarding professional and personal life. From raising a child with mental illness to being diagnosed with a tumor in her salivary gland, Anne Grady found courage to start her own public speaking business, the Anne Grady group. Her challenges and setbacks have been a catalyst to her success as a public speaker and entrepreneur, leading to over 2,000 keynote speeches with audiences up to several thousand people. We set to find out how she does it.
Interests: How Do You Dare?, Living Your Purpose, Opening The Next Door, Parenting, Women's Wisdom (Seeking or Giving Advice) 0

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